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ARRLWeb: FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Letters
Several power companies have received letters in this latest batch about power line noise interfering with amateur radio stations.
I suggest these power companies need to get BPL installed on their lines, after which the FCC will ignore any and all complaints of interference.
I find it ironic that the letters cite Section 15.5(c) requiring that the operator of the interfering device cease operation upon notification. Tell that to the Manassas hams who have been suffering from BPL interference for a year or more.
Of course, the trick is, “upon notification by a Commission representative”. If it’s BPL, they won’t bother to go see if there’s any interference; BPL gets an automatic pass.

Title 47, CFR Section 15.5 General conditions of operation.
(b) Operation of an intentional, unintentional, or incidental radiator is subject to the conditions that no harmful interference is caused and that interference must be accepted that may be caused by the operation of an authorized radio station, by another intentional or unintentional radiator, by industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) equipment, or by an incidental radiator.
(c) The operator of the radio frequency device shall be required to cease operating the device upon notification by a Commission representative that the device is causing harmful interference. Operation shall not resume until the condition causing the harmful interference has been corrected.

Yeah, right.

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