Slogging After the Fox

Week 5 of the QRP Fox Hunt brought two foxes who were within 500 miles of my location (not a good situation on 20 meters) and a persistent birdie/buzz that drifted slowly across the fox’s frequency and completely covered him up.
I was able to work Doc in New Mexico fairly early, although the QSB (fading) was fierce at times. Wayne, in Baton Rouge (375 miles from me) was a considerably more difficult challenge.
I started hearing him around 8:50 as the sun dropped below the horizon and brought better short hop propagation, but the interference from the whatever-it-is was unrelenting. I finally relocated to the YMCA parking lot down the street, where Wayne’s signal was a solid 599, and I was able to work him at 9:25, with 5 minutes left in the hunt.
So I am holding a perfect score still, 10 for 10. But it gets a little harder each week.

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