The Streak Ends

Every good thing must come to an end, they say, and my streak of two fox nights ended this time when I was completely unable to hear anything on the east coast all night.
Conditions on 20 meters last Thursday were, shall we say, “variable”, and after a lot of waiting, I was able to work Don, NK6A, in California, by catching a long fade cycle that let me get in a call, swap info, and get his response before he dropped back into the noise. But K4BAI in Georgia was not heard all night, although I occasionally heard the pack calling him.
So the propagation gods have decreed I will not get a perfect score this season, and expectations go down into crushing disappointment. Well, maybe not that bad. I am willing to settle for a 19/20?
Looking over the logs, I was not alone in missing one of the two foxes. It looks like only three stations remain at the top of the list, and only five or six one rank behind. On with the hunt!

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