Lunch, Anyone?

I went out to the truck at lunch today and listened to 4O3T (Serbia) and the pileup chasing him for a while. Then I went up the band and heard Larry, K0LWV calling CQ and we had a nice QSO. Larry cut his power to 5 watts to see if we could do QRP-QRP, and we could.
In other matters, I have mentioned that I was going to get an Icom IC-718 soon. I think I may have mentioned HAM-COMM 06 as the time I would be getting it.
As often happens, other priorities came along, so I am still on my trustworthy MFJs for the moment. But the delay has also resulted in somewhat of a change of mind regarding the radio I plan to get.
I began to become interested in the rigs that allow the control head to be separate from the main body of the radio, for example the IC706MKIIG. A smallish control head can be remotely mounted from the RF part of the radio, and can also be removed to discourage thieves. The problem there, of course, is the near $1000 price tag on the radio, somewhat (somewhat?) above my threshold.
But in the last few days I have been looking at the Yaesu FT857D which compares pretty well to the 706, and for $300 less (including the deals available now). Most of the complaints about this radio have to do with the comparative sizes of the displays; many feel the 857 display is a little small. But when you are coming from a radio that doesn’t have a display, there’s not much room for complaint.
The 857 is about $130 more than the 718, but I think it will make a much more enjoyable mobile radio than the 718, and will be more versatile in mounting options, so unless I have another change of mind, I think that’s the way I am going.

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