FCC Continues BPL Hypocrisy

ARRLWeb: League Pledges to Pursue BPL Interference Complaints, Mulling Appeal
After some sanctmonious verbage about how amateur radio deserves protection, the FCC ignored the ARRL and a U.S. representative and cynically denied petitions that would have provided some relief from greed motivated BPL operators.
Faced with evidence that the Manassass operators faked their test to make it look like they were in compliance, the hypocrites at FCC did nothing to provide any real protection to licensed services (other than radio astronomy) who are victimized by BPL interference.
Given results that show that there is non-interfering technology available, the action by the FCC is all the more cynical, allowing non-complying equipment a full year of operation.
So my hope that the newly constituted commission would prove to be less corrupt than its predecessors is dashed. I hope that Rep. Ross, who also asked the commissioners to consider adding protection to amateur frequencies, will show the FCC what happens when you P.O. a member of congress.

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