FCC Corruption Documented

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I have posted in the past about the thoroughly corrupt FCC rulemaking on BPL which so heavily favored the BPL providers that sound engineering and common sense were thrown out the window. The ARRL write up on their successful lawsuit against FCC has documented that the entire process was corrupted by a strong prejudice at FCC in favor of this questionable technology, to the extent that FCC redacted individual sentences from engineering studies that would have cast a bad light on BPL as an interference source. The appeals court gave them a good slap to the head for this.
I am a former FCC employee (1974-1976) and I know that the commissioners do not have strong technical expertise in these matters. They are mostly lawyers, not “radio people”. It is quite rare for FCC commissioners to hold a license in any radio service overseen by the FCC, which is appropriate, I suppose, to avoid any conflict of interest. (Ironically, the BPL rulemaking reeked of conflict of interest throughout, as commissioners attended industry BPL cheerleading sessions while they were considering the rulemaking, a violation of their own regulations. Even Michael Powell, the chairman, was talking up BPL while the NPRM was before the commission.)
My question is, given that the commissioners lack technical expertise to have doctored the studies to redact material that didn’t support the all but unrestricted promotion of BPL, who in the Technical Branch did the dirty work for them? Somebody in the engineering branch knew perfectly well what was going on and compromised his integrity enough to redline the studies so that critical material was kept from public view. Who was this person or persons whose integrity was for sale?

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