Diddling (and warbling) around

Just finished RTTY QSOs with K3SEW and NY3C on 30 meters using my new homebrew FSK interface. Another project completed! I tell you, retirement is great!

Here’s the interface:

I wanted to use FSK rather than AFSK because I didn’t want to have to play with the audio levels every time I wanted to get on the air. This circuit works great with the IC-7000’s internal RTTY ability.

I actually just copied W3YY’s circuit with optoisolators. I tried emailing W3YY about his board, but got no answer. The circuit works great, from all indications.

Earlier I worked W0MRZ on 30 meters with PSK (the warbling), and picked up a new state in the process. Thanks to all the guys on 30 who helped out.

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