September VHF Contest (AKA Dead Air)

18:00 UTC: I’m sitting in the truck with the HO Loop up 15 feet or so listening to the static noise on 50.125 MHz. I expect this September VHF will be like last year – few if any stations heard.

At least the weather is cooperating – a cold front passed through last night dropping the temperatures into the 80s, a 15-20 degree drop. This would have been unbearable otherwise.

I suppose the band could come through and get me some contacts, although this year’s sporadic E season would suggest otherwise.

19:00 UTC: 1 hour in and I’ve heard a few stations in the noise, nothing that would support an actual QSO. Barring a miracle, I expect I won’t be submitting a log this year, because I won’t have any contacts in the log. The last three VHF contests have really given me an appreciation of the June 2010 contest, when 6 meters was open late into the night both nights and I was able to make 160 contacts in 100 grids without really putting much effort in. Big contrast to the more recent ones. In this year’s June contest I managed 44 QSOs, with a lot of tuning between contacts.

20:00 UTC: Stations heard: 1 QSOs: 0
That sums it up pretty well. I am a casual contester at best, and the only thing keeping me here is the time it will take to take down the antenna, coax, etc.

20:15 UTC: I am officially out of the contest.

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