Playing with the R4020

I haven’t really done anything with my new R4020, so today I decided to see what it would do. I don’t have a wire antenna for 20 meters handy, so I hooked up the magnetic loop to experiment.

I heard some stations here and there, and decided to try my luck up in the QRP portion, just above 14060 KHz. I tried answering a CQ, but he couldn’t hear me.

I used the automatic CQ feature of the 4020 to see if I could get someone to answer me, with no luck. The batteries were starting to fade, so I was outputting maybe 2.5 -3 watts. After a few tries with no answer, I packed it all in.

Once back inside, I had a look at the Reverse Beacon Net just for grins. Here’s what I found:

Reverse Beacon Net

Apparently I was getting out after all.

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