A little RTTY, some JT

I had a lot of fun in the CQ WW RTTY contest so I have been key shifting now and again to pick up some more QSOs. That got me LOTW QSLs from KG4HF and YN5Z for new mode/countries. and KI7MT and N2ADV for new mode/states, with Triple Play in mind.

Tonight I heard some 10m RTTY but was unable to make any contacts, so I moved down to 076 and tried some JT65. I made two QSOs with stations in Washington and California, but the PSKReporter showed I was being heard in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and around South America with my 20 watts.

Meanwhile, my web host has upgraded to PHP 5.4 which has had a less than desirable effect on my log page. A lot of the features have stopped working, and I am waiting to see if they can sort it out or tell me what changed from one version to the other so I can get it going again. Hope I can post this.

UPDATE: PHP 5.4 removes register global variables completely, which breaks the phphamlog view.php and logentry.php. After flailing around trying to convert the necessary variables (and failing, and nearly corrupting my log database in the process), I went here and used that script to restore my register globals and now everything works as it should.

And as far as getting help from my webhost? Their response was “We don’t do scripts, we just host. You should talk to the software vendor.”

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