Rittie Roundup

Okay, I meant RTTY roundup. 51 Q’s, 5 DXCC entities, including, surprisingly, V5/DL9NDS in Namibia for a 1st time contact. (Hope he confirms in LOTW.)

I only operated Saturday afternoon while it was still warm. Sunday was too frigid to sit in the truck.

So far 9 stations have confirmed in LOTW, adding one new DXCC in RTTY mode and 3 states for Triple Play. My Triple Play score is now 100 slots, 2/3 of the way home.

Part of my low(ish) QSO count was from N1MM logger refusing to behave on the Acer netbook. I don’t know if it is a horsepower problem or something in the software, but after working nicely for 10 QSOs, it just went away and would no longer respond. Restarting didn’t help, and it stopped responding immediately. I spent about an hour chasing that before switching to paper logging.

Around 6, (00 UTC Sunday) the cold front arrived and I packed up and went in.

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