Low Activity and Low Spirits

So far in 2015 I have had one, yes, one QSO, with 3Z90IARU in Poland. The whole K1N experience was so disheartening and depressing I find myself turning on the radio, looking around for a few seconds, and turning it off again. Days go by that I don’t turn it on at all.
K1N seems to have brought out all the venality, stupidity, and malice that the bands could hold. Malicious interference was the rule. Calling out of turn was the rule. Calling on the DX frequency when the op was split was the standard M.O for hundreds of stations 24 hours a day. I gave up on this op, and very nearly on ham radio, after only a few days.
Does anyone know if the much ballyhooed QRM detector had any results at all? Would you blame me if I suspected no, no effect at all? The capacity of some hams for pure spite and malice seems to be boundless.
I will probably not be operating much until my stomach and blood pressure recover from this experience.

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