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Code of (bad) Conduct

I listened with growing amazement yesterday (9/30) while waiting to see if I could get a chance to work 8R1AE as he repeatedly pleaded for JA only, and a California ham kept calling over his QSOs, calling after again JA … Continue reading

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Getting close

I am getting very close to collecting some more wallpaper for the shack: 149 of 150 for Triple Play, 98 of 100 for VUCC, 49/50 for SSB WAS, 47 48 of 50 for RTTY WAS, 141 142 of 150 for … Continue reading

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The Paper Chase (continued).

Thanks to the W1AW portable operations, I am at 147 confirmed WAS contacts for Triple Play, missing only Indiana in digital mode and Maine and Mississippi in phone mode. I collected the CW WAS a few days back. For a … Continue reading

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Chasing paper

I am in serious contention for the ARRL Triple Play Award these days, with 129/150 137/150 slots confirmed. As of today, I need 9 4 2 CW, 7 6 5 phone, and 5 3 2 digital QSOs on LOTW for … Continue reading

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Triply Tripled Triple

I realized a while back that I had filled in quite a few slots in the Triple Play Award, so I have begun pursuing it in earnest. As of today, I have 119 (of 150) slots confirmed, and I’m waiting … Continue reading

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Rittie Roundup

Okay, I meant RTTY roundup. 51 Q’s, 5 DXCC entities, including, surprisingly, V5/DL9NDS in Namibia for a 1st time contact. (Hope he confirms in LOTW.) I only operated Saturday afternoon while it was still warm. Sunday was too frigid to … Continue reading

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New Mode

I tried out a new mode today – JT9. The WSJTX program works well on my Acer netbook and I worked four stations on 10 meters. It seems like a robust mode, but like its cousin JT65, each QSO takes … Continue reading

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A little RTTY, some JT

I had a lot of fun in the CQ WW RTTY contest so I have been key shifting now and again to pick up some more QSOs. That got me LOTW QSLs from KG4HF and YN5Z for new mode/countries. and … Continue reading

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CQ WW RTTY Contest

My station setup for CQ WW RTTY. Final result: 66 Qs for 8,906 points, 15 zones, 30 countries, 16 states and provinces. The little Acer netbook worked pretty well, except it could not run N1MM and MMTTY together so I … Continue reading

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This, and that, and the other thing

That’s what you title a catch-all post, I think. So the phone bands have been so atrociously bad lately that 90% of my recent QSOs have been CW, with a fair mix of countries in the group. Most of this … Continue reading

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