Adventures with a TenTec R4020

I recently picked up a TenTec R4020 to try as a traveling QRP rig. It looks nice:


It comes with battery holders so you can go true portable in the field:


The instructions say to install the battery holders with double sided tape and wire in series. Straight forward, except for one small detail:


See those crystals in the center of the board? No way, and I mean NO WAY can you get those battery holders in and clear those crystals.

Any one who has done this, I would appreciate knowing how you accomplished it.

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New Wallpaper

Just received my WAC certificate.

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Back from 6Y land

Spent part of a week down in Jamaica, but didn’t take any equipment along. I thought about it, but some comments around the interwebs weren’t particularly encouraging. We were in a second floor room with a balcony, so I might have been able to bootleg a 15 meter vertical dipole.

Anyway, here’s a picture to make you jealous:


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The June VHF contest brought me up to 75 confirmed grids in LOTW, so I’m closing in on VUCC. I’m always happy to get some more wallpaper.

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June VHF Contest


My hook for catching signals out of the air.

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HAM-COM 2012


The MFJ booth at Ham Com


Getting a bite for lunch


Everybody wanted one of these


The ICOM booth

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Thank you, Buro

A surprise came in yesterday’s mail: an envelope from the W5 buro with a nice batch of cards inside. Thanks also to OM2VL, SF7WT, RU3ZX, EA8ZS, OR7R, and ES5QD for the nice cards.

The last one puzzled me for a bit, as I had only one QSO logged on the date of the card, from a Japanese station. It finally hit me that that date was when I was traveling from Texas to Los Angeles, and making QSOs that I didn’t log.

I have sent answering cards back via the buro to all these stations. Thanks again, guys.

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Made It

Just received an LOTW QSL from HC2/W7SE, giving me 100 countries confirmed. Application is already in to ARRL.

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Six Meters, anyone?

Here’s my 6 meter contesting setup this year (I can also put up the Moxon if needed).


I can also bolt it to the bed rails on the back of the truck. Extreme 6 meter mobile?

Now I’m just waiting for the opening ….

Update: This arrangement got me 9 6 meter QSOs during today’s opening. Looking good.

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